The Evangelist's Reading List

Tech evangelism or developer advocacy or whatever you choose to call it is booming. A quick search on LinkedIn for three of the most popular titles for what we do (technical evangelist, developer advocate, developer relations) returned more than 12,000 people and around 300 job openings. Because this profession is still new and evolving the education process remains largely self-driven. Luckily, we have the Evangelism Collective - a group of technical evangelists, developer advocates, and other community builders. [Read More]

What do you do?

In modern culture, new acquaintances making small talk always seem to ask each other, “What do you do?” As a non-technical person working at a luxury retail conglomerate, my response “tech evangelist” is typically met with equal parts confusion and eye-rolling. It’s the most hipster millennial job title I’ve ever had - although my dream job, Chief People Officer, is even more gag-inducing. Even in the tech community where developer evangelists are common (1,412 people list “Developer Evangelist” as their job title on LinkedIn), my role is a bit outside the box. [Read More]

Welcome to the new blog!

Hi, I’m John. I have two passions in life: surfing and helping people love their work. Since the surfing thing was going nowhere, I work on People Operations and Tech Evangelism at HBC Digital. I created this blog, replacing my old blog at, so I could familiarize myself with Jekyll which is what we use for the Gilt Tech blog. Stay tuned for posts on people ops, culture, community and evangelism in tech. [Read More]